Looking for a versatile voiceover?

An adaptable actor?

Someone who can improvise and create on the spot?

Kathleen Puls Andrade will make your voiceover or on-camera session fun, fresh, and fast!

Kathleen's voice/reads are warm, engaging, conversational, uplifting, relatable, real, funny, full of character, fun, and versatile. Kathleen can also do a quick turnaround on your voiceover project. Contact her today for more information!

"Kathleen is a comedic "Jane of all trades".
Her expert timing and improv skills, as well as overall acting ability, are guaranteed to make your spots funnier.
Unless you don't want funny.
In that case, she's still perfect."
- David Lewis, Vox Chicago Casting

"Your read was magical. You were so good. Terrific job."
-Bobby Bailey, wearenowhere.org

Click here to listen to her Commercial, Narration and Character demos

Click here to see some really funny stuff!

Email: kathleen@gingrworks.com

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