Voiceover. Voice Over? Voice Artist. Voice Actor. Actor. Improviser?

All of the above!

Kathleen's voice and reads are warm, engaging, conversational, uplifting, relatable, real, funny, full of character, fun, improvisational and versatile. Kathleen can also do a quick turnaround on your voiceover project. Contact Kathleen or Grossman and Jack Talent to for booking information.

"There are 5 women in my world that make me laugh-- loudly and often. Kathleen is one of them. As a voice talent, she is magnificent. Be it a character or simple announcer, she has the skills and voice quality to deliver the goods 100% of the time. She takes direction. She's a pro. And, most of all, always a pleasure to work with. Kathleen will only improve your script. She'll never let you down. And, as a voiceover instructor, she also has the skills and the perfect demeanor to pass along her extensive knowledge to wanna-bes, beginners, and even experienced voice talent. Kathleen is a gem."
-David Lewis, VOX Chicago Voice Casting

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"Kathleen is a comedic "Jane of all trades".
Her expert timing and improv skills, as well as overall acting ability, are guaranteed to make your spots funnier.
Unless you don't want funny.
In that case, she's still perfect."
- David Lewis, Vox Chicago Casting

"Your read was magical. You were so good. Terrific job."
-Bobby Bailey, wearenowhere.org

"Thanks, Kathleen. Appreciate the fast turnaround on this. Good energy and enthusiasm. Nice work!"
-Terry Mertens, Plan B Advertising

Email: kathleen@gingrworks.com
Call: 773-454-6101

Kathleen is represented for voiceover by
Grossman and Jack Talent, Chicago

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