NEW CLASS! June 1, 2019, 10am - Noon CST

If you're starting out on the voiceover journey, or you've been on the journey already, then you're probably cramming a lot of info into your brain just to learn the ins and outs of editing, what your agents what you to do, emails, specs, labeling takes, home studio stuff, equipment, resources and more. It can be overwhelming! Kathleen will teach you the basics of editing your auditions like editing breaths, mistakes, marking mistakes, fixing a sentence or phrase that you don't like, inserting a phrase into the middle of a take, info on home studios, Digital Audio Workstation or DAWs, mics, resources, sweet discounts and much more.

Don't get dinged! Give yourself the edge.

I'll be editing live during the class, and a class recording is available to view later.

This was the greatest class!! So helpful!!
Best (bleeping) money I ever spent!
(You probably know by now that if I use that language it's serious)"
-Brent Haines, Voiceover

"I did find the class to be a good value. I got some valuable tips, some ideas of things I need to research, and reassurance that I'm on the right track with what I know already."
- Maggie Cain, VO

"Thanks so much! I thought the course was really helpful, I often wonder how my auditions sound compared to others and I liked hearing some of my peers auditions. I will feel more confident editing my auditions now! I also thought it was a great value for the price."
- Katelyn Andresen, VO

VO Audition Editing Basics Flyer Zoom Meeting June 1 2019